Women's Education Society's
Lady Amritbai Daga College
for Women of Arts, Commerce and Science
Smt. Ratnidevi Purohit College
of Home Science and Home Science Technology, Nagpur

(Affiliated to the Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur)

(Re-Accredited 'A' Grade by NAAC, Bangalore)

(College with Potential for Excellence by UGC, New Delhi)

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Courses Offered

Junior college Courses ( FYJC & SYJC )
Note: In any subject, in any faculty, if students enrolment is not sufficient, i.e. as per requirement/rule, the sutdents offering such subjects, will have to offer other subjects    


(English/ Hindi/ Marathi Medium)

Compulsory Subjects:

i) English as a compulsory       language.

ii)Second Language Marathi / Hindi /Urdu / Sanskrit (any one)

iii)Environmental Education*.

iv)Health and Physical Education(Grade Subject)*.


Elective Subjects:

Any four of the following subjects :

1)  Sanskrit               2)   History

3)  Geography          4)   Pol. Science

5)  Economics         6)  Home Management

7)  Food Science     8)  Persian           9)  Urdu

10)   Indian Music (History & Development of Indian Music)

11)   Indian Music-Vocal Classical Music.

Note : Students who offer Food Science and Home Management in FYJC can offer Textile Clothing & Laundry and Child Development respectively, in SYJC.

For Food Science and Home Management, as number of seats are limited, admissions will be on merit basis only.

For Music : The students who would like to offer Indian Vocal Classical Music as one of the optional subjects shall have to offer History & Development of Indian Music or they can offer only History & Development of Indian Music as an optional subject.

For Sanskrit : The students are allowed to take either Language/Optional subject.


(English Medium)
Compulsory Subjects :- Science Group Home Science Group

i) English      ii) Second Language Marathi/ Hindi Urdu/ Sanskrit(any one)

iii) Environmental Education*.

iv) Health and Physical Education(Grade Subject)*.

1. Physics

2. Chemistry

3. Biology

4. Mathematics &

Statistics or Geography


1. Chemistry

2. Biology

3. Home Management (XI)

4. Food Science (XI)

5. Child Development (XII)

6. Textile Laundry & Clothing (XII)


(An optional subject for Biology and 2nd language)

During the academic session 2008-2009 for XI Science, college had received the sanction for starting the bifocal subject Electronics 1 batch of 25 students on permanent no-grant basis vide letter no 2/ ijavyaiXap`A/p`vaoXa / 2008/ 857 dt. 17-7-2008

Bi-Focal subject Electronics (Permanently on no grant basis):

1) English as a compulsory language .

2) Electronics Practical

3) Environmental Education*.

4) Health and Physical Education(Grade Subjects)*.

5) Electronics Theory.

6) Physics.

7) Chemistry.

8) Maths & Statistics


(English & Marathi Medium)

1)   English as a compulsory  


3)   Environmental Education*.

5)   Economics.

7)   Organization of Commerce  

8)   Secretarial Practice

2)   Second language - Marathi/ Hindi/ Urdu/ Sanskrit/IT(Information Technology)**

       (any one)

4)   Health and Physical Education(Grade Subjects)*.

6)   Book Keeping & Accountancy


** Information Technology (IT) - An optional subject for 2nd language for commerce English Medium students. College had received the sanction for starting this subject on permanent no grant basis vide letter No.eca.esa.saI ./A/ maa.tM~ /13094/96/2009 dated 17/7/2010 for one batch of 20 students .

* The subject Environment Education is Compulsory Subject to students of all faculties , i.e. Arts, Commerce, Science, Bifocal Vocational. There will be projects work of 30 marks and seminar / Journals of activities of 20 marks.

Annual Results will be – First session 50 marks + Second session

50 marks = 100 marks. 100/2 = 50 marks . These will be added in the final result of the student.

* The Subject Health and Physical Education is Compulsory Subject for all faculties i.e. Arts , Commerce , Science , Bio-focal Vocational . It has Written and Practical Exam at the college level and the Grade is mentioned in the mark list.


French / German are optional subject for 2nd Language available for XI & XII std. of all faculties as per board syllabus . The courses are conducted by Women’s Education Society's Justice M.L.Pendse School of Languages & Media Studies.